How to grow your Google hangout audience

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Every business needs new customers to extend their business. Google Hangout is a great tool to communicate with your customers and expand your business. You can connect with your audience in real-time via video chat, webinar and conference call etc. that builds trust of your brand among them.

Sharing is also allowed so you can exchange information about your products and services. To grow real-time the audience of your Google Hangout, use the following things in your Hangout marketing strategies.

  • Use cross promotion on social media platforms:

Audience is everywhere so why promoting only your Google Hangout only on Google+ platform. You can promote it on other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn etc. Be active and create individual marketing plan for every platform.

  • Invite audience via email:

An email list is a tested method that can also work effectively in order to increase the audience of Google Hangout. At the time of creating an email, you need to pay attention on subject line, the reason to watch and how to get it.


  • Present unique content:

Always avoid to use duplicate or copied content because they are not ranked well so users will not be able to find you on search engine result pages. Do proper research and ask among the communities that what you need to cover and then opt for the topics that provide information to your audience.

  • Get involved in other Hangout:

Involvement is also a great way to increase the audience of your Hangout. So, take part in others Hangout sessions, communicate with them and ask relevant questions which are helpful.

Don’t be focused to build only your audience. Be active in the Hangout comment and tell your opinion about the event

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