7 Steps To Creating An Effective Holiday Marketing Campaign

The New Year is coming! Are You Listening To What Your Customers Want?

It’s holiday shopping season and nowadays, customers are expecting holiday emails with special promotions and offers. Follow these 7 steps to learn how you can build an effective and personalized holiday marketing campaign!

Whether it’s for Black Friday or Christmas, this guide will help define those 8 steps, which includes:

1) Start Early

  • Have you thought of your ridiculously hard to pass offer to kick off a new product, new service or offer to revive an old service for New Year’s yet?

2) Identify Your Segments

  • What target market do you want?

3) Choose the Right Holidays

  • Which holiday highlight your product the best? Spa services for christmas gifts, fitness gift cards to start off the New Year, or maybe animal grooming services as a Valentines Day gift to pet lovers… how can we highlight your amazing services to your public in a fun and profitable way?

4) Create Thoughtful Offers

  • Know your audience and speak to them in a way that inspires loyalty and excitement for your product.

5) Create a Multi-Channel Plan

  • Utilize social media hashtag campaigns
  • Capitalize on word of mouth/referral campaigns
  • Offer a give-a-way to build your distribution lists
  • Create an email marketing sharing campaign

6) Reward Loyalty

7) Have Fun (with examples of different types of campaigns)

  • Here are example of campaigns around socially important causes that the business owner had a passion he could share with her consumers:
  • Example 1
  • Example 2